Prime Properties Madeira Real Estate Agency

J.W, (Funchal)

I recently bought a property in Madeira ready for retirement.

My property search began by visiting Right Move. It didn't take me long to realize that the sales data of the properties advertised for sale by Prime Properties contained considerably more content and detail than other real estate agents selling the same or similar properties. This detail in Right Move allowed me to easily identify the properties that were of interest to me and my partner, so I called and spoke with Lucy, who was very helpful. I identified what I was looking for and properties that were of interest from her advertising, so I arranged a visit to see certain properties.

After arriving, I met with Lucy in her office and discussed our exact requirements and asked more about properties that we were interested in. The visits were arranged and I was surprised to see on inspection that the "for sale" descriptions and photographs more or less exactly matched how they were advertised. This prevented many wasted viewings.

It didn't take long to find the ideal dream home in the right location and the purchase was already completed.

I have to say that finding the right property was only a small step in what is a complicated procedure of actually buying a property. Although I work as a property lawyer in the UK, I could not, without Lucy & Lou's help, navigate the system of buying property in Madeira by myself. The conveyancing process here is very different to the UK, but Lucy introduced us to an English speaking Property Lawyer here in Funchal who took care of the conveyancing procedures and even completed the purchase without the need for us to be present on the day. After completion and possession of the property, Lucy took me to several utility companies and on the same day of arrival, everything was sorted out. Since then Lucy & Lou have always been available to advise and deal with the many issues that arise when buying a property abroad.

This company really go the extra mile to ensure a smooth process and their professionalism is second to none. As a property lawyer in the UK I am used to dealing with estate agents, I can say in all honesty that the service provided by Prime Properties is far superior to anything I have experienced in the past.


S. Burgess, (Ponta do Sol)
"Prime Properties Madeira recently sold us a property. Our property had been on the market with several other agents for two years and we were going nowhere. When you consider that real estate agents in Madeira charge a massive 4 to 5 percent commission, you would expect them to bend over backwards to get a sale, but that was not our experience. Then a friend recommended Lucy, who worked for Prime Properties. And what a breath of fresh air! From the beginning, Lucy was professional, reliable and enthusiastic. Lucy took care of everything from start to finish, keeping us informed of progress and minor setbacks along the way. I wish we had met Lucy sooner. "


P. Collard, (Câmara de Lobos, Madeira)
"I highly recommend Lucy and Lou at Prime Properties here in Funchal, Madeira.
We had two properties for sale here with other agencies who didn't seem very motivated. As soon as we gave them to Lucy and Lou, they started bringing in visitors.
This is a truly personalized service that not only allows us to bring interested clients to visit the property, but also take the time to show them around, local stores, etc. I am sure this makes a big difference to potential buyers. The after-sales service is also excellent. They help buyers get a local tax ID number and open a local bank account, and once the sale is complete, they help buyers connect utilities.
I have no hesitation in recommending them."


Mr. Hall, (Ponta do Sol)
"It was always a matter of trust, I chose Prime Properties Madeira to find my new home first because they are an all-female team and of course their professionalism. In addition to selling a house, they went the extra mile to organize a lawyer to do the legal work (another lady) and also made sure all services were activated, which was unprecedented in England."


R&M, (Santa Cruz)
"For anyone buying property in Madeira, we are happy to recommend Prime Properties.
At a time when you are operating in a new environment it is very easy to make mistakes simply by not knowing where to go or what to do. 
Mistakes are always time consuming and stressful. 
Prime Properties made our purchase simple, quick and hassle-free.
When we sold our Spanish property, about three and a half hours were spent at the notary with lots of questioning from the lawyers.
In Funchal, thanks to Prime Properties' advice, the lawyers agreed on all the points before the notary's visit and we spent just over half an hour in the office.
The help did not end there, as it often does, and we were taken to all the necessary officials required to legalize our purchase. Very good service!


A+A, (Calheta)
"We really appreciate the team at Prime Properties Madeira Real Estate Agency for the perfect job.
Special thanks to Lucy and Lourdes, their support was extremely helpful for the purchase of our house in Madeira. 
The team of Prime Properties Madeira Real Estate Agency supported and accompanied us during the whole process of paperwork and opening a bank account.
Even more, the support was not only during the purchase, also after that it did not stop. We have really been friends since then."


H.G., (Ponta do Sol)
"There is no point in running a business just to make money. We started a cooperation with them that was soon marked by trust and commitment.
The customers they approach are still impressed with their pleasant and helpful way of doing business. 
In the future, I would like to be able to continue using their services and wish us every success together.
Keep up the motto: Those who want to create must be cheerful and farsighted. It's people who want to do good business".


C and E, (Calheta)
"We bought a property through Prime Properties last year and can't speak highly enough of your experience.  We were shown many properties and in finally negotiating the favorite, the team delivered professionalism and expert advice which they extended to advice and  guidance of after sale including completion of documentation within utility criteria.  For non-Timber speaking customers, this proved to be a major asset.  We have no hesitation in referring others who wish to buy in Madeira and are extremely grateful to them.


W. Schummer, MD, PhD (Germany) 
"I am pleased to present this letter of recommendation for the Prime Properties Madeira Real Estate team.
In 2017 I looked for real estate agents in Madeira to buy an apartment for private use. After some strange experiences I met Lucy Da Silva and Lourdes Pita from Prime Properties. For me this was a stroke of luck because we seemed to be tuned to the same wavelength, which made things much easier.
According to my conceptions, this agency looked for appropriate apartments, arranged visualizations, and always found ways to get a complete picture of the particular object. Even the language issues (I don't speak Portuguese and my English could be better) didn't form an obstacle. With ease and comfort all peculiarities could be overcome.
And this happened during the entire purchase, whether at the notary, the bank, the deed of sale, etc. Everything went on without enthusiasm and to my best satisfaction. Even after signing the deed, this kind of support did not end. The motto of Prime Properties Madeira Real Estate seems to be a sale is only favorable if the client is satisfied and everything (e.g. water, electricity, TV, internet, etc.) is working properly. To end this letter, I would call this type of support service a "worry free package" that I can enthusiastically recommend.


Graham and Sandra - UK
We would like to thank you once again for the excellent way you conducted the Sale of our Sea Garden House - everything went like clockwork.
We wish you both every success in your business and would like to recommend your services to any potential Seller/Buyer.


We popped into Prime Properties in Funchal during one of our morning walks, and were immediately impressed with the team. They initially took us to view a few properties and we felt no pressure whatsoever. Their guidance was honest and was much appreciated. While we were there, they took us to our legal and banking appointments to help with the process and language barriers. We would have definitely struggled in such professional meetings! We decided to buy and as we live in the UK, there were understandably many phone calls and emails. Response times were great



Prime Properties Madeira personified in Lucy and Lou provided us professional, excellent and pleasant human approach in settlement of all formalities connected with purchase of the house in Funchal. We were happy to meet them, their service was beyond all expectations. We would say they must be "simply the best“ among all real estate agents in Madeira.