Property Tax

Prime Properties Madeira Real Estate Agency
It is possible to pay your taxes by bank transfer when you are out of Portugal. In fashion
order to carry out the payment, your bank shall be provided with the information set
out below, which must be communicated by the bank to Tax Administration at the
moment of the transfer in order to identify the payment:
• TIN: 600 084 779
• Name of the creditor: Tax and Customs Authority
• N. of bank account: 83 69 27
• N. of IBAN: PT5007810019000000836927
• Name of the bank: Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency - IGCP,
• Please quote the Tax Identification Number - (NIF in English) - recorded in
The document of payment
• Reference for payment: please indicate the number stated in each document
of payment for every transfer. It is not allowed to use the reference in more than
one payment.
ATTENTION: Failure to comply with the instructions described above precludes the
connection of the amount transferred with the corresponding payment.
• Consult information leaflets on "Taxpayer Support"
on the website "Finance Portal"
• Consult Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
• Contact Call Center (CAT) of Tax Authority, through the
number 217 206 707, every working days from 9H00 to 19H00
• Please consult the website Tax System in Portugal, in English
• Contact by email, using the application form of the service e-counter
• Go to a Finance Service (Local Tax Office)