What is the total cost, including any additional fees or expenses when buying property in Madeira.

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Buying property in Madeira, Portugal, is an exciting venture for many. Known for its stunning landscapes, mild climate, and vibrant culture, Madeira attracts both local and international buyers looking to invest in real estate. However, before diving into the market, it's essential to understand the total cost, including any additional fees or expenses associated with property purchase. 


  1. Property Purchase Price: The property's purchase price is the most obvious cost and often the primary consideration for buyers. Prices in Madeira can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, size, condition, and amenities. Buyers should thoroughly research the market to understand price trends and ensure they are getting value for their investment.

  2. Property Transfer Tax (IMT): In Portugal, property buyers are required to pay a transfer tax known as Imposto Municipal sobre Transmissões (IMT). The IMT rate is calculated based on the property's value and can range from 0% to 8%, with higher rates applying to more expensive properties. It's essential for buyers to factor this tax into their budget when calculating the total cost of the property.

  3. Notary and Registration Fees: Buyers are also responsible for paying notary and registration fees associated with the property transfer process. These fees cover the cost of legal documentation and registering the property in the buyer's name. While notary and registration fees are typically a small percentage of the property's value, they are necessary expenses that buyers should be aware of upfront.

  4. Legal Fees: Many buyers choose to hire a lawyer or solicitor to assist them throughout the property purchase process. Legal fees can vary depending on the complexity of the transaction and the services provided by the lawyer. However, having legal representation can offer peace of mind and ensure that the purchase is conducted smoothly and in compliance with Portuguese laws and regulations.

  5. Stamp Duty (Imposto de Selo): Stamp duty is another tax that buyers may encounter when purchasing property in Madeira. This tax is levied on certain legal documents, including property purchase agreements, at a rate of 0.8% of the property's value. While stamp duty is relatively low compared to other taxes, it's important for buyers to factor it into their overall budget.

  6. Mortgage Costs: If buyers choose to finance their property purchase with a mortgage, they will incur additional costs such as mortgage arrangement fees, valuation fees, and possibly mortgage insurance premiums. These costs can vary depending on the lender and the terms of the mortgage agreement. Buyers should carefully review their mortgage offer and consider all associated costs before committing to a loan.

Buying property in Madeira, Portugal, offers a wonderful opportunity to invest in a beautiful and culturally rich destination. However, it's crucial for buyers to understand the total cost of purchasing property, including any additional fees or expenses. Contact Prime Properties Madeira to find out more!